How to Create a Re-Engagement Email Campaign

October 03, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you've been struggling to revive the interest of your dormant email subscribers, you're in the right place. After all, every email list needs tending to. This is why re-engagement email campaigns are a powerful tool in the arsenal of any savvy marketer.

Whether your audience has gone silent or you want to rekindle their interest, this blog post will guide you through the essential steps and best practices to create an effective re-engagement email campaign.

Ready to breathe new life into your email list? Let’s get into it!

What is a re-engagement email campaign?

A re-engagement campaign is like a friendly nudge to wake up sleeping or inactive subscribers or customers in your email list. Imagine you have people on your list who used to be interested in your emails or products but haven't shown any love lately. That's where a re-engagement campaign comes in.

A re-engagement email campaign is designed to rekindle their interest and get them engaged again. The goal is to bring them back into the fold and remind them why they signed up in the first place.

Typically, re-engagement emails contain alluring offers or a heartfelt message asking if they still want to hear from you. If they don't respond or engage after a few tries, you might consider saying goodbye and removing them from your list. This is called list hygiene and is an essential part of a successful email marketing campaign.

Why should I re-engage inactive subscribers?

Re-engaging inactive subscribers is a smart move for small businesses for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it helps you make the most of your existing email list, which you've likely invested time and effort in growing. Why let those contacts go to waste?

Secondly, inactive subscribers can actually harm your email deliverability. Email service providers monitor engagement rates, and if too many of your emails go unopened or get marked as spam, it can affect the inbox placement of your messages to active subscribers.

Thirdly, re-engagement campaigns can be cost-effective. It's often cheaper to rekindle the interest of an existing subscriber than to acquire a new one. This can lead to significant savings in your marketing budget.

What are some re-engagement email examples?

Re-engagement email examples can be a source of inspiration when you’re crafting an email to revive your inactive subscribers. Here are a few effective types:

  1. The "We Miss You" Email: This warm and friendly message expresses how much you value their past engagement and encourages them to return. Include a tempting offer to sweeten the deal.
  1. The "Exclusive Comeback Offer" Email: Offering subscribers a reward for returning with an exclusive discount or deal can be highly motivating. It makes them feel special and incentivizes them to take action. H&M knows how to do this right!
  1. The "Feedback Request" Email: Sometimes, subscribers disengage because they're dissatisfied or uninterested. Use this email to ask for their feedback and suggestions to improve your content or products. Ask for their personal input or recommendations for an upcoming session, workshop, activity, etc. Headspace does it so well!
  1. The "Last Chance" Email: If other attempts haven't worked, send a final email with a sense of urgency. Let them know this is their last opportunity to stay connected before being unsubscribed. Keeping this one clear and straightforward helps.

3 re-engagement campaign best practices

You might be all fired up with inspiration, but keep these re-engagement campaign best practices in mind for maximum impact.

Segment your list appropriately

Not all subscribers are the same, so treating them as a uniform group won't yield the best results. Segmenting your list is vital. Segmenting your list means dividing your email subscribers into smaller, more specific groups based on shared characteristics like behavior, interests, demographics, or purchase history.

By doing this, you can send targeted and personalized content to each group, increasing the relevance of your emails. This improves engagement and allows you to tailor your marketing strategies to the unique preferences and needs of different segments.

Personalization and spacing your emails apart by scheduling is the hallmark of a successful email campaign. One tool that allows you to do both effectively is YAMM. Opting for a tool that is easy to learn and convenient to use is essential.

YAMM allows you to send and monitor email campaigns directly from Gmail or Google Sheets. That’s as easy as it gets! Learn how to create an email campaign in Gmail with YAMM.

Keep it friendly and helpful

Keeping your re-engagement campaign friendly and helpful is crucial. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  • Positive Tone: Use a friendly and welcoming tone in your emails. A warm approach can rekindle their positive associations with your brand.
  • Clear Value Proposition: Communicate the benefits of re-engaging clearly. Entice with exclusive offers, valuable content, or improved services. Let them know what's in it for them.
  • Assistance: If you solicit feedback, also offer assistance. A helpful attitude demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Respect Their Choices: Respect their preferences. If they choose to unsubscribe, honor their decision promptly and gracefully. Leaving the door open for a return in the future can leave a positive impression.

Offer incentives for them to stick around

Using incentives is vital in re-engagement campaigns because it gives something valuable to inactive subscribers, getting them interested again. Rewards like discounts, exclusive access, or giveaways make people want to open and engage with your emails.

Think of it like reminding them why your brand is great. It's a win-win: they get cool stuff, and your business gets back engaged customers, which can mean more sales and better measurement of results.

Send your re-engagement emails right from your Google Sheet with YAMM

With YAMM, sending your re-engagement emails is easier than ever. This handy Google Sheets add-on streamlines the process, allowing you to launch your re-engagement campaign directly from your Google Sheets. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different platforms. YAMM empowers you to efficiently reach out to your dormant subscribers and bring them back into the fold. Explore YAMM—it's a time-saving solution that simplifies your re-engagement efforts.

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