Create and send pre-filled Google Forms with Google Sheets

Send out Google Classroom Enrollment Codes using VLOOKUP and YAMM

Create and Delete Dropdown Lists in Google Sheets using Data Validation

Find and remove duplicates in Google Sheets

Create Calendar Events with Google Meet links using the Calendar API and Google Apps Script

Get Calendar Events into your Spreadsheet using the Calendar API and Google Apps Script

Yet Another Mail Merge earns iKeepSafe COPPA and FERPA certifications

9 useful formulas for Google Sheets

Extract cell notes using Google Apps Script

Create Filters in Google Sheet using Google Apps Script

3 steps to create beautiful and engaging emails with Google Docs

Add another email address to Gmail (works with Outlook and Hotmail)

Use a Gmail account to run a mail merge from Excel and Word

Use Google Sheets to edit Excel files for free in 2021

Send email blasts from Excel using Mail Merge in Word and Outlook

Edit and save Excel files in Google Sheets without converting them

How to import your Word file into Google Docs in 2021

Email many people at once with a Mail Merge using Gmail and YAMM

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