YAMM pricing plans

Free@gmail.com or Workspace account
All basic features includedOpen, click & response trackingUnsubscribe & bounce trackingSchedulingNo branded footerUp to 50 recipients / day1 userBest effort supportGet started
Personal@gmail.com account
Only available with yearly billing

All basic features includedOpen, click & response trackingUnsubscribe & bounce trackingSchedulingNo branded footerUp to 400 recipients / dayinformation1 userPriority supportSubscribe
Google Workspace account
Only available with yearly billing

All basic features includedOpen, click & response trackingUnsubscribe & bounce trackingSchedulingNo branded footerUp to 1,500 recipients / dayinformation1 userPriority supportSubscribe
Prices are presented excluding potential tax.If you need custom legal agreements, a vendor security or compliance assessment, other prices apply. Please contact us.

YAMM features include:


checkCreate email templates in Gmail
checkImport Google Contacts in one click
checkInclude unsubscribe links
checkPersonalize subject lines & content
checkInclude personalized links and images
checkAdd personalized attachments
checkCreate custom HTML templates
checkUse =IMAGE() and =HYPERLINK()


checkSkip sending to hidden or filtered rows
checkSchedule mail merges
checkLaunch follow-up campaigns
checkSend filtered follow-ups
checkSend using an alias
checkSend to personalized CC/BCC recipients


checkGet real time tracking
checkTrack opens and clicks
checkTrack email responses
checkTrack bounces
checkTrack unsubscribes


Create one-click surveys
checkSend Google Form email notifications
Automatic over-quota splitting
checkBe warned about past bounces
checkFollow up in the same thread
checkUsage dashboard

Frequently asked questions, answered.


How can I pay? Can I get a quote and send a purchase order?
YAMM arrow
We accept most major debit or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, China Union, Apple Pay and Google Pay). We accept purchase orders and send quotes for orders of more than $1,000.
Is there a free plan?
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Yes. You can use YAMM up to 50 recipients per day completely free of charge. Install YAMM and start sending emails now.
Do you offer plans for bigger organizations?
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If you need more than 100 users, please contact us here.
Do you offer discounts for educational institutions or non-profits?
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We offer discounts for education and non-profit organizations with 25 or more users. To learn more, contact us at sales@yet-another-mail-merge.com.
How can I cancel my subscription?
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You can cancel your subscription at any time. To do so, follow the instructions here. When you cancel your subscription, your license will remain active until the end of your original subscription date. We do not offer prorated refunds.
Can I get a refund?
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YAMM is a very reasonably priced service. We do not provide refunds unless there are extraordinary circumstances that warrant them. One of them could be upgrading from an individual plan to an enterprise plan. We never provide refunds on subscriptions older than 90 days.
Will my license be automatically renewed?
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Yes, you don’t have to do anything to renew your YAMM license. You will receive a reminder before it happens, and of course, you can deactivate the automatic renewal whenever you want.
Is it possible to transfer my license to a different Gmail or Google Workspace account?
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License transfer is only possible within the same domain if someone with a license leaves your organization, and you want to assign it to another person.


Is my data safe with YAMM?
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Your data is safe with YAMM since we never store your Gmail drafts and their content, email addresses of your recipients or content of your spreadsheet in our database. In addition, Data processing is exclusively limited to the automatic processing carried out by the application and does not include any manual processing by Talarian’ staff members. Finally, please note we do not sell any personal data to third parties. Learn more about the data stored by YAMM or read our Privacy policy.
What permissions are needed to use YAMM?
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YAMM requires access to the Google environment to provide its services seamlessly across the G Suite apps. It only requests the permissions that are absolutely necessary for the use of YAMM features. You can find the exhaustive list of permissions and their meaning in our dedicated guide.
Is YAMM GDPR compliant?
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YAMM is GDPR compliant: we align with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. As a data controller, we process personal data in a fair, transparent and secure way in accordance with Talarian privacy policy. As a data processor, YAMM processes personal data according to the Talarian Data Processing Agreement.
Is the company making YAMM ISO 27001 certified?
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Yes, here's the link to our certificate.
Is YAMM HIPAA compliant?
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We comply with HIPAA Rules and make a Business Associate Agreement available to our Customers as an addendum to license agreements. To request a BAA to us, please fill-in this Google Form and you will automatically receive our standard BAA to sign.
Is YAMM FERPA and COPPA compliant?
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Yes, YAMM has been certified FERPA and COPPA compliant by the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. YAMM is listed on their website here.

Email delivery

How many emails can I send per day?
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The number of recipients you can send emails to depends on your plan:
  • The sending limit for the free version of YAMM is 50 recipients per day
  • With the Personal plan, you are limited to 400 recipients per 24 hour period from your personal Google account
  • With a Professional or Team plan, you can send emails to 1500 recipients per day from your Google Workspace account. If your Workspace account is recent, you might see your sending limits temporarily reduced to 400 recipients
  • If you need to send more than 1500 emails a day, you will have to use multiple G Suite accounts
  • If your account is recent, and you send many emails too quickly, your quota might get further limited by Google, or worse, your Gmail account could be deactivated by Google. For very recent accounts, we advise that you start slowly, with at first no more than 100 emails per day
Will my emails be seen as spam or promotion?
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YAMM is sending emails right from your Gmail inbox which reduces drastically the risk for your messages to be identified as spam or promotion. Follow our anti-spam guide to learn more about the best practice to reach your recipients inbox every time.


How can I personalize my emails?
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YAMM offers the possibility of personalizing not only your email body but also your subject line and your CC/BCC fields. Imagine having a “firstname” column in your spreadsheet, adding “Dear {{firstname}}” in your email will be automatically replaced by your recipient’s first name.
Can I use CC/BCC fields with YAMM?
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Yes, and it’s very easy. You can either have the same CC/BCC for all your emails, or specify custom addresses for each of your recipients.
Does YAMM integrate with my CRM?
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YAMM integrates with your CRM workflow (Salesforce, Hubspot...). You can import your contacts from your CRM to your Google Sheet and send them emails with YAMM, but also update your CRM data with your sending activity. Follow our detailed CRMs integration guides to learn how to setup YAMM with your favorite CRM.
Does YAMM add a branded footer in the free plan?
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No, we don't, contrary to many competitors.

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