How Much is the Cost of Email Marketing on Average?

January 10, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Wondering how much the cost of email marketing is? You’re in the right place. Understanding the cost of email marketing is crucial for budgeting and optimizing your return on investment.

In this post, we’ll answer that question for you. We’ll also talk about a few factors that influence the pricing of email marketing campaigns so you can get a fair sense of what to expect. Ready? Let’s go!

What goes into the average cost of email marketing?

A few factors play a part in calculating the average cost of email marketing. The software platform, the size of your email list, and the frequency of your campaigns all affect the pricing. Let’s look at each individually:

Cost of email software

The cost of your chosen email software is an important consideration. Email marketing platforms offer a range of features like automation, analytics, and customization—and each comes with diverse pricing models. 

While many have free versions, these typically offer limited functionality. Paid plans of most email software are categorized based on the number of emails sent per month or advanced features like integration with other software. 

There’s a lot of variation in different plans and pricing available online. Choosing the right software that aligns with your business needs is crucial for optimizing costs. 

Here are the prices of a few popular ones:

  • YAMM: $25/year for 400 recipients/day and $50/year for 1,500 recipients/day
  • Mailchimp: $110.16/year for 500 contacts and $214.56/year for 1,500 contacts
  • Campaign Monitor: $132/year for 500 contacts and $468/year for 1,500 contacts
  • Aweber: $150/year for 500 contacts and $270/year for 2,500 contacts
  • Convert Kit: $108/year for 300 contacts and $300/year for 1,000 contacts

At only $50/year for our highest plan (that’s around $4/month), YAMM comes out as the most affordable email software.

Size of email list

As you can see from the pricing listed above, the size of your email list or the number of recipients you have is a significant factor when it comes to the plans and pricing of email marketing software. 

Since email marketing platforms have higher costs for larger lists, you must strategically assess your list size to optimize costs. The choice of software will not only depend on the size of your email list right now but also on what it will grow into. Consider scalability and potential growth. 

Also, if you’re trying to reduce your email list to save costs, you should evaluate who could be removed from your list. Maybe there’s a subscriber who hasn’t opened your emails in years, or maybe there’s someone who never responded to a re-engagement campaign. Those are good ones to remove.

Frequency of email campaigns

Another way email marketing platforms structure their plans and pricing is by the volume of emails sent per month. This means more frequent outreach can escalate costs. 

A higher sending frequency doesn’t always mean success. Balance your campaign’s frequency with budget considerations to optimize expenses. Strategic planning and targeted messaging can help maintain engagement without unnecessarily inflating costs.

Miscellaneous costs

Along with the costs mentioned above, there are a few miscellaneous costs that you’ll have to consider. Hiring dedicated email marketing staff with salaries or freelance fees will affect the overall budget. If you want elaborately designed emails, you might have to consider design and image costs. 

To balance these costs and keep your campaign within your anticipated budget, you can actively seek discounts or coupons offered by email marketing platforms during particular seasons. You can also opt to pick a platform that satisfies all the essential needs of your email marketing campaign without taxing your budget. 

How much does email marketing cost per month?

There’s no one correct answer for this. The cost of email marketing per month varies widely. Small businesses can start with basic plans and limited features for as low as $10-$20 monthly—or even lower with the right tool. However, mid-tier plans, suitable for growing enterprises, often range from $50 to $500 monthly. 

If you’re a larger enterprise with extensive needs and sizable subscriber lists, you may even be looking at a monthly cost of $500 or more for advanced platforms. On top of the plans, you’ll also have to consider the additional costs of creative and marketing staff responsible for designing your email campaign’s content and strategy. 

One easy way to effectively cut costs is to look for a reasonably priced email marketing platform. This will give you the leeway in your budget to hire the professionals you need without it feeling like a stretch. Wondering about which software fits the bill? Simple—it's YAMM!

YAMM: your solution for low-cost email marketing

YAMM is a simple but powerful email marketing software that’s designed as an add-on to Gmail. It’s the most reasonably priced software you’ll find that contains all the essential features needed in email marketing software. YAMM also offers a free version so that you can get well acquainted with the platform and all its features before you decide to pay. 

The best part about YAMM is that you can design beautiful and personalized emails and send them out right from Gmail. This also means that there’s virtually no learning curve. You can get set with YAMM and send emails in minutes from Gmail or Google Sheets.  YAMM also offers the essential metrics that enable you to track and improve your campaigns for success. 

If you’re a small business looking to start email marketing, YAMM offers everything you need at a fraction of the cost. Take a free trial. You’ll love it!

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