How to Remove Formatting in Gmail

March 18, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

We’ve all been there, drafting a message in another app and copying and pasting it into Gmail only to find it distorted. It happens because the text on the clipboard already carries formatting settings from the previous app.  

Simply removing formatting from the pasted text is a quick solution. Below, we’ll show you how to remove formatting in Gmail in a few easy steps. Then, we’ll also give you the keyboard shortcut if that’s your preferred way of de-formatting. Let's go!

How to use the Gmail remove formatting feature

Head on over to your Gmail and follow these steps to remove formatting from the email.

Step 1: Open email draft in Compose window

Click on the “Compose” button to open a new message window. 

Copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) it into the new message window.

Step 2: Highlight text

Highlight the text from which you want to remove formatting.

Step 3: Hover over formatting options

Go over all your formatting options at the bottom of the new message window to find the “Remove formatting” button.

You may have to open the entire formatting menu to reveal all the options. 

Step 4: Select “Remove formatting”

Find and click the “Remove formatting” button. It looks like a strike through capital T. 

Now, the formatting has been removed from the text. You can format the email text per your preferences with the Gmail formatting options at the foot of the new message box.

Optional: Use the keyboard shortcut instead

Keyboard shortcuts are another easy and quick way to remove formatting. Here are the shortcuts:

  • For Windows users, click Ctrl +\
  • For iOS users, click ⌘ + \

Explore the full list of Gmail keyboard shortcuts

Why remove formatting in Gmail?

There can be multiple scenarios where you may want to remove formatting from your email. You may want to start over with the formatting of an email or correct formatting mistakes that have occurred. By removing formatting, you can return the content to its default state and reapply preferred formatting settings.

Sometimes, different email clients and devices may interpret formatting differently. Imagine you send an email with complex formatting, but the recipient views it on a different email client where the formatting appears distorted. By removing formatting, you can ensure your emails appear consistently across various platforms. 

If you ever find yourself needing to reduce the size of your email, removing formatting is also a way to do that. 

Even though it’s a minor feature, removing formatting in Gmail allows you the flexibility to modify and standardize the appearance of your emails.

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