How to Send Multiple PDF Files as One Attachment in Gmail

February 27, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Are you trying to send multiple PDF files through email? The first problem you may encounter is the size of attachments getting too big. The second is that uploading one attachment at a time, whether PDF or another format takes too much time.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to send multiple PDF files as one attachment in Gmail emails. We’ll start with sending multiple files as a zip file attachment in Gmail, and we’ll also talk about how to merge on Adobe.

How to attach more than one file in Gmail email using zip compression

If the main problem you’re facing is that the attachment size is getting too large, then creating a zip file is the solution. To do this, you need compression software.

Compression software takes all your PDF files and creates one file. Doing this also reduces the total file size of your attachments.

You should also know that compression software doesn’t reduce the quality of your files. Below, we’ll walk you through downloading any free compression software.

Step 1a: Use Windows Zip or download a free compression program like 7-zip

Windows 10 and 11 users can compress files within their Windows software. There are many types of free compression software available on the internet, too. 7-Zip is a free, reliable file compression software that anyone can easily use.

Before you start anything, it helps to have all your PDF files in one folder at a destination of your choice.

Now, let's move on to the compression software. To download 7-Zip, go to their website. The page will look like this:

It's easy to get intimidated by all that technical data, but remember that the only information you need to focus on is the “Download for Windows” box. Here you will select the version of 7-Zip that is compatible with your PC.

Step 1b: (optional) Check out what kind of PC you have

If you don’t already know whether your PC is 32-bit, 62-bit, x86, or ARM, don’t fret. You can easily find this in your PC settings. Here’s what you need to do.

If you’re using Windows OS, click the Windows button in the taskbar. This will open up a menu where you must find and click on settings.

Clicking on settings will get you to the systems page, where you must scroll to the bottom to find and click the “About” button.

Once you’re in the About window, zone in on the “System type.” This will show you which version of 7-Zip is compatible with your PC. Make a note of this and return to the 7-Zip page.

Now, simply pick the version of 7-Zip you need for your Windows and click download. It’s essential to take note of the destination folder so you can find your downloaded file later.

Once downloaded, click on the file to install the 7-Zip software. If a user account control window pops up, click “Yes.”

Step 2: Combine multiple attachments into a zip file

Open the 7-Zip application that you just installed. You can open the file manager by clicking the Windows button and typing 7-Zip in the search field. Once the 7-Zip file manager shows up, click ‘Open.’

In the 7-Zip file manager, use the menu in the left side panel to reach the destination where you stored the folder containing all the PDF files that you want to compress.

Find the folder and select it. Then click the “Add” button on top. This will open up another window like this:

All you have to do now is set the “Archive format” to “zip” and click “OK.” That’s it, and you’re done.

The folder containing all the PDF files you want to send is compressed into a zip folder. You can find the zip folder in the same destination as the original folder.

Step 3: Compose an email you wish to send

Now all you have to do is send this folder in an email. Open Gmail and sign in.

Click the “Compose” button in the left-hand menu to open a new message window. Fill in all the other relevant information like the recipient’s address, subject, and body text.

Step 4: Attach the zip file to the email and hit ‘Send’

Click on the attachments icon at the bottom.

Doing this will open up another window where you can find the destination folder for your Zip file.

Find the folder you want to send and select it. Then, press “Open.”

You will see that your folder has been added to your email as an attachment. Now all you have to do is press ‘Send.’

The size of the attachment is also displayed. Google does not allow attachments bigger than 25MB, so compressing your PDFs is essential.

How to send multiple attachments in one email in Gmail by merging PDFs

If the attachment size is not your primary concern, you may still want to send your PDF files as one file. It is neater, more time-efficient for the sender, and easier to manage for the recipient. This section will show you how to send multiple attachments in one email in Gmail by merging PDFs into a single file.

To turn multiple PDF files into one file, you have to ‘Merge’ the multiple files. There are many software online that can do this for free, and it’s a straightforward process. We’ll show you how to use Adobe’s Merge PDF website. It is a free service, but it does not accept encrypted files. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open up Adobe’s Merge PDF site

Navigate to Adobe’s Merge PDF in your web browser.

Step 2: Drop your PDFs into the program

Now that the website is open click the ‘Select files’ button. This will open another window like this:

Find the folder where you have saved the files you want to be merged and click “Open.”

Step 3: Click ‘Merge’ and download when complete

You should be able to see the files displayed if you have successfully added them.

Now you have to select the files that you want to merge. You can choose individual files or even check the select all box at the top. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is press Merge.

You will see a window showing the progress of your file merger, and when your file is ready, you will see a window like this:

Now you have to press download and save the file to a destination folder of your choice.

Step 4: Upload merged PDFs as one attachment in the Gmail email and send

Once you have saved the merged file, your work is almost done. Now all you have to do is compose a new email, attach the merged file, and click send. You can follow Steps 3 and 4 above to do just that.

Try out one of these methods to send multiple files as one attachment

As we said, if you know how to send multiple PDF files as one attachment in Gmail, then you can make your life easier. It’s important to know why you’re sending multiple PDFs as one attachment, though. If your primary concern is the file size, use compression software. But if you want to make the attachments tidier, you can merge the PDF files.

If you use Gmail a lot, we have plenty of guides on how to use all of its wonderful features. If you’d like to know more about Gmail features and how YAMM can help, check out the YAMM blog.

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