How to Find Muted Emails in Gmail

May 06, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Did you mute a conversation thread in Gmail and now want to see it? First things first, your muted emails haven’t been deleted. You’re only having trouble finding them because muted emails aren’t displayed in your inbox. 

Where are your muted emails in Gmail, you ask? That’s what this tutorial is all about. We’ll tell you how to find muted emails in Gmail and where exactly they go. Ready? Let’s get learning.

Where do muted emails go in Gmail?

The purpose of muting emails is so they don’t show up in your inbox. You still receive the message, but it's simply moved to the archive under ‘All mail.’ Another vital thing to know is that when you mute a conversation, all future replies to that particular email are also archived instead of being displayed in your primary inbox. 

Muting emails is a great way to declutter your inbox. Learn how to mute emails in Gmail, how to unmute them, and how it differs from blocking emails. You should also know other ways to organize your Gmail and improve communication efficiency. 

Where to find muted emails in Gmail

There are two ways to locate those muted emails in Gmail: the All Mail folder and the search bar.

Option 1: All Mail folder

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Once you’re in Gmail, click the ‘More’ button in the left-hand panel to reveal all the folders. 

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Find and click on the ‘All Mail’ folder button. Now, you can locate your muted email in this folder. 

If you’re going to use this method, you should know that the All Mail folder essentially contains all your emails in Gmail. Whether the emails are read, unread, muted, or archived, this folder will have them. That’s why using this method to locate a muted conversation can be time-consuming. If the thread you’re looking for doesn’t have a recent response, you’ll have to scroll manually and find it. 

Option 2: Using search features

If you muted the conversation a while ago, it could be buried under hundreds of emails received after it. The next option is better as it allows you to bypass looking at all your emails. It’s also recommended if you simply want to see all the conversations that you’ve muted rather than locating a specific thread. 

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In the search field above your inbox, type ‘label:mute’ and press enter.

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Now, you’ll be shown only the conversations that you’ve muted, so you can quickly locate the muted conversation you want. 

This uses a Gmail search operator. Search operators are an easy and fast way to find specific labels, folders, and more in Gmail. Learn more about Gmail search operators

Muting is a great way to keep a tidy inbox

Muting can keep your inbox tidy and organized, but muting isn’t the only way to organize your emails. You can also create labels to sort all the emails you’re receiving. 

Learn how to create labels in Gmail to manage your emails easily. Gmail is full of features that make communication smoother and more effective. If you would like to learn about such features, why not head over to the YAMM blog? It’s full of helpful guides and tips to help you get the most out of Gmail.

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