How to Include Animated GIFs in Email Marketing

December 01, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Grabbing your audience’s attention and making a connection is the soul of email marketing. Enter the world of animated GIFs in email marketing. These dynamic visuals can spice up your email content and breathe life into your email campaigns. 

You've likely seen them in action, adding movement to otherwise static messages or adding a playful touch to make a brand memorable. But how do you effectively incorporate them into your marketing strategy?

That’s what this blog post is about. We’ll talk about when it is okay to use GIFs, where you can find great GIFs, and finally, how to use them in messages. Sounds good? Let’s dive in!

When is it proper to use animated GIFs in emails?

Using animated GIFs in emails can be impactful, but only when done right. GIFs attract instant attention, so it's okay to use them when highlighting a new product feature, demonstrating a short process, or showcasing brief testimonials. 

GIFs are also great for evoking emotions or emphasizing a CTA, adding an extra spark to encourage user interaction. While powerful, it’s important to remember that they are considered more informal, which means they may not be suitable for professional messages. 

Also, the animation should complement your message and not distract or overwhelm the recipient. So, it’s a good idea to keep them relevant to your content and always consider their size to prevent slow-loading emails. Providing a fallback for email clients that might not support GIFs is also a great practice. 

Where can I find GIFs to use in email marketing?

Finding the right GIFs for email marketing requires sourcing from trusted platforms. Popular sites like GIPHY or Tenor have a vast range of animations on various themes. For more niche-specific GIFs, consider platforms like Imgur or Gifbin and search with tags. 

You can even customize GIFs to your brand with platforms like Canva or GifMaker. However, to avoid legal issues, always ensure you have the proper permissions or licenses to use specific GIFs in your marketing campaigns.

How to insert animated GIFs in Gmail messages

Here’s how you can insert a GIF into your marketing message content. We’ll demonstrate the process with Gmail: 

Step 1: Find (or create) the right GIF

Begin by finding a suitable GIF that complements your marketing message. Or, explore any of the platforms mentioned above to create your own. Save the GIF you want to use on your device if you prefer uploading to inserting the URL later. 

Take a minute to check the GIF's size. While there’s no hard and fast rule regarding GIF size in email, it’s better to keep it under 1 MB. GIFs larger than 1 MB can still work, but they may take longer to load for some users. 

Step 2: Compose a new Gmail message 

Navigate to your Gmail

Click the ‘Compose’ button on the left side panel to start a new message. This will open up the new message window. 

Step 3a: Upload the GIF

If you’ve saved the GIF on your device, you can upload it to include it in your message. 

In the new message window, click the ‘Insert image’ button.

Under the ‘Upload’ tab, select and upload the GIF you want. 

When you click insert, you’ll find your GIF inserted into your message. 

Step 3b: Insert GIF URL

If you’ve not downloaded the GIF, you can still include it in your message. 

In the Insert photo window, toggle to the ‘Web Address (URL)’ tab. 

Now, copy your GIF’s URL from the browser and paste it into the URL field. If the URL is valid, the GIF will instantly appear below. Now click ‘Insert’ to go back to your new message window.

Step 4: Finish up your email and send it out

Now that you have your perfect GIF in your message, all that’s left to do is finish the rest of your email content. Include the sender’s email and write an enticing subject that will compel them to open your message. Subject lines have a direct impact on open rates

Your email marketing content has to be compelling and unique to be successful. Look up a few email marketing campaigns to get inspired and create something your audience will love. 

When you’re ready with your content, simply click send. That’s how easy it is to create an email marketing campaign in Gmail, and YAMM can make it even easier! 

Want to send mass emails with GIFs through Gmail? Check out YAMM

If you’re sending your mass emails from Gmail, GIFs, along with YAMM, could be your secret weapon for success. YAMM is an add-on for Gmail and Google Sheets that makes sending email marketing messages a breeze. 

YAMM allows you to send messages from Gmail and track your campaign metrics from your Google Sheets. Talk about making things easier! YAMM also has features for personalization, customization, and a lot more! Check out all that YAMM can do.

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