What is Outreach Email Marketing?

September 04, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Looking to expand your business's reach and engage with your target audience? Outreach email marketing is the strategy you need.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about outreach email marketing: what it is, how to create an outreach email campaign, and some examples to get you started. Ready to dive into the art of crafting emails that captivate and convert? Let’s begin!

Understanding outreach email marketing

What is email outreach?

Email outreach is the practice of reaching out to individuals, organizations, or potential customers via email to achieve specific business goals. The business goals can range from establishing connections to building relationships to promoting your products or services.

You don’t necessarily need an established relationship with them to send an outreach email. It’s a strategic approach commonly used in marketing, often called cold emailing.

How to write an outreach email

Writing an effective outreach email requires a thoughtful and strategic approach to capture the recipient's attention. Ensure the following for crafting effective outreach emails:

  • Research and targeting: The most essential prerequisite for writing impactful outreach emails is having a clearly defined customer profile. Customer profiles help you hyper-personalize emails based on their unique needs, interests, and pain points.
  • Compelling subject line: Reaching the inbox is just half the struggle. Getting opened is the other half. Master the art of writing thumb-stopping subject lines to ensure your emails get read. More on this later.
  • Clear value proposition: Clearly state the purpose of your email and the value you're offering to the recipient. There should be no doubt in the recipient’s mind how your offer can benefit them or solve their problems.
  • Call to action (CTA): Once you’ve made your case, call your recipient to action, just one action. Whether filling up a form, getting on a call, or booking a meeting, work on making your CTA clearly defined.
  • Closing and signature: The closing of the email is the most appropriate place for nudge marketing techniques like FOMO or social proof. After that, ensure you leave a lasting impression with a professional signature. You can also leave your socials within your signature so your audience can find you.

You’ve got to nail the outreach email subject line!

Let’s talk more about the subject line, as it’s one of the most critical aspects of an outreach email. Here are some best practices:

  • Wrap up your subject line in around 40-60 characters.
  • Make sure it’s relevant to the content inside—no clickbait!
  • Avoid spam triggers, like excessive use of capital letters, exclamation marks, and trigger words associated with spam.
  • Personalize subject lines with the recipient’s name.
  • Use FOMO to create urgency.

Did you know that you can personalize emails with more than just names? Here’s how you can use YAMM’s custom fields and markers to personalize your outreach emails.

5 outreach email examples to get you started

Let’s go through five different examples of outreach emails to get you started.

Email 1: Outreach email for a discussion

In this email, we’re trying to open up an avenue toward more communication. You present yourself as an authority to solve their problem and encourage them to reach out. The language is straightforward and the tone more casual, and it leads down to your contact info.

Important: notice the use of markers for personalization! This is an awesome feature of YAMM you can easily add to mass emails.

Email 2: Influencer outreach email

You might want to be featured as the preferred business of an influencer. This is a good example of what that email may look like. Being complimentary here is important, letting them know that they were chosen specifically for their voice or presence in a niche. Make sure to add social media links!

Let’s say that you’re trying to improve the authority of your website with backlinks and you reach out to someone who can help with link building. You should express your shared interest in link building and present opportunities to collaborate with them.

Email 4: PR outreach email

Sometimes your outreach email is about building relationships and improving PR. In this email, we’re reaching out to another company or individual to express our admiration and open an opportunity to work together.

Email 5: Sales pitch outreach email

Finally, your outreach email could present your product or service as the solution the recipient needs. This will involve salesy language, social proof, promotions, and other offers. Just make sure you’re sending it to someone who you know would be interested—you could be marked as spam otherwise!

Send mass outreach emails with YAMM!

There you have it! Now you know all about outreach email marketing. It’s important to remember that personalization is the key to crafting effective outreach emails. The more granular you can get with your personalization techniques, the better your outreach email will perform. YAMM can help you do just that!Start connecting, engaging, and converting like never before. Try YAMM today and revolutionize your email outreach!

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