How Do I Find My Contacts List in Gmail?

May 06, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

When you compose an email and need to insert the recipients, your Google contacts pop up automatically thanks to Gmail’s autofill features. However, where do your Google contacts actually live?

That’s what you’re going to find out in this blog post. We’ll show you how to find your contacts in Gmail, edit them, and export them to a spreadsheet. Ready to conquer your contact chaos? Let’s go!

How to see your contact list in Gmail

The shortest way to access your contacts is to type into your browser window and click enter. However, you can get there through Gmail as well. Here are the steps. 

Step 1: Open Google Apps in Gmail

Navigate to your Gmail.

Click on the ‘Google Apps’ button at the top right-side corner. 

Step 2: Open Google Contacts

Click ‘Contacts’ in the drop-down menu that opens to go to your Google Contacts. 

Step 3: Manage your contacts as you see fit

Once you’re in Google Contacts, you can manage them however you want. You can view your contact details, add new information, add new contacts, delete old ones, and even export your entire contact list. We’ll now explore those options below.

How to edit your contact list in Gmail

Create new contacts

Click on the ‘Create contact’ button in the left-hand corner. 

You’ll see two options in the drop-down menu that opens. Click ‘Create a contact’ if you only want to add a single contact. Click ‘Create multiple contacts’ if you want to batch-add contacts under a label. 

If you click ‘Add a contact,’ you can manually enter details such as first name, company, email, telephone, etc. You can insert a contact image and also add this contact under a ‘Label.’

The ‘Create multiple contacts’ option is handy if you want to add many contacts quickly. This is why if you click this button, you also get the option to import contacts from a CSV file. If you have an extensive contact list in a spreadsheet, you can instantly click import contacts to add them to your Google Contacts. 

Delete old contacts

To delete a contact, click on the three dots button on the far right side of the contact. Click ‘Delete’ in the drop-down menu to delete that contact. 

If you want to delete more than one contact at the same time, select each contact individually and click on the ‘More actions’ button at the top right corner.  

Now, find and click ‘Delete’ in the drop-down menu to delete all the selected contacts. 

Export contact list in Gmail to a spreadsheet

Google Contacts offers a straightforward way to export your contact list to a spreadsheet. 

To export your entire contact list, click the ‘Export’ button in the top right-hand corner. 

Select the file type you want to export your contact list as. Select the CSV option if you want your contacts in a Google Spreadsheet. 

Click on the drop-down button next to contacts to see all the categories of contacts that you can export. You can also choose a contact under a specific label. When you’ve selected the contacts you want, click ‘Export.’ In the next window, select the name and destination of the file, and you’re done!

Exporting your entire contact list becomes crucial in various scenarios. For example, if you’re switching to a new email service or device, exporting ensures a smooth transition and preserves your contacts. There’s one more scenario where you might need to use the export feature (i.e. when you want to send an email to all your contacts in Gmail).

Want to send an email to all your contacts? Try YAMM

If you’re sending a mass email to all your contacts in Gmail, you have to try YAMM. This is because, with YAMM, you can send emails directly from your Google Sheets

YAMM is an add-on for Gmail that allows you to send mass emails from Gmail and Google Sheets. It's the perfect add-on for Gmail if you like the platform's ease and simplicity but would like a little bit more from it. 

Sounds like something you need? Try YAMM, it’s free to get started!

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