How to Create a Lead Nurturing Email Campaign

October 20, 2023
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

People love buying but hate to be sold to. This means even though all audiences are potential customers, you can’t make the mistake of just selling all the time as a business.

So, what do you do? How do you keep in touch with the precious email list you worked so hard to build? You nurture your potential leads with a lead-nurturing campaign till they’re ready to buy. 

This blog post is all about how to create a lead-nurturing campaign that works. Let’s get into it!

What is a nurture email campaign?

A lead nurturing email campaign is a marketing strategy where a business sends helpful and personalized emails to potential customers. These are people who interacted with a company at some level and showed their interest but haven’t yet converted into customers. 

It’s similar to outreach email marketing but stretched out. A lead nurturing email campaign aims to build trust, share helpful information, and guide potential customers toward making a purchase. These email campaigns are also sometimes called drip email campaigns.

Benefits of an email nurturing campaign

An email nurturing campaign offers many benefits for businesses. It helps build stronger relationships with potential customers by providing valuable information over time. This fosters trust and credibility for your brand.

It creates brand recall value. That means it keeps your brand in the forefront of recipients' minds, increasing the likelihood of them choosing your products or services when they are ready to buy. Because customers are constantly bombarded with marketing messages, this aspect of a nurture campaign proves really valuable. 

A lead nurture email campaign gives your business all the benefits of email marketing. Further, it also enables targeted communication, which can be tracked and improved for engagement and conversion. One email marketing tool that allows you to track metrics easily right from your Google Sheets is YAMM.

Lead nurturing email examples

Lead nurturing can be done at multiple junctures in your audience’s journey. Here are some different ways you can start a lead-nurturing email campaign:

  • Welcome email series: Thank new subscribers, set expectations, and introduce your brand.
  • Educational emails: Offer valuable insights, showcasing your expertise while addressing specific pain points.
  • Promotional emails: Highlight your success and show your track record. This is a great time to bring in other customer’s reviews or testimonials. 
  • Re-engagement emails: Target inactive leads, rekindling their interest with special offers or updates. 

5 lead nurturing email best practices

When you create a lead-nurturing email campaign for your audience, stick to these five best practices for success.

Establish a natural lead-nurturing email sequence

Whether it’s offers, valuable blog posts, or helpful solutions, abruptly popping into your audience’s inbox isn’t going to work. It's essential to craft a natural and engaging flow. When doing this, it’s best to have a trigger for your lead nurturing email campaign to begin. 

For instance, suppose you have an audience who hasn’t yet bought from you but has shown an interest in the solutions you offer by downloading a lead magnet. This would be an excellent time to start, the nurturing campaign, as you already know the problem they’re dealing with. 

After introducing them to your brand, you can start a series of emails that gradually build trust and provide value. You can follow them with emails addressing pain points, offering solutions, and showcasing your expertise. This is natural and can improve your chances of converting leads into loyal customers.

Keep emails short and to the point

Have one core message for every email, no more. Your recipients are busy, so keep your emails concise. Brevity increases the likelihood of your audience reading, understanding, and remembering your message. 

Another way to ensure this is to align all your email content toward one clear CTA. Eliminate unnecessary fluff and jargon, getting straight to the core of your message. You can also use bullet points or numbered lists for easy comprehension.

Personalize, personalize, personalize

Personalization is the reason email marketing works. By adapting your email’s content to individual recipients, you create a more engaging and relevant experience. You can start with simple personalization, like addressing the recipient by name. 

However, true personalization goes beyond that. It requires data and insights to segment audiences based on their preferences, behaviors, and demographics. Then, you craft content that speaks directly to their needs and interests, making them feel understood.

Schedule and automate when emails are sent

Scheduling and automating email sends is essential to a lead-nurturing campaign strategy. Setting specific times and dates for your emails ensures your messages reach recipients when they're most likely to engage. This improves open rates and click-through rates. 

Automation allows you to send timely messages without constant manual effort, making it perfect for drip campaigns. Moreover, it facilitates personalization by triggering emails based on the recipient’s actions or milestones they’ve reached.

Picking an email marketing tool that allows you to personalize emails, schedule sends, and track essential metrics is the key to success for any email marketing campaign.

Track how nurture emails perform and adjust

Monitoring and adapting your nurture email campaign's performance is essential for ongoing success. Performance metrics allow you to see which emails resonate with your audience and which might need improvement. You can also see whether there are specific subject lines, content types, or send times that consistently yield better results. 

That being said, data can get overwhelming, and not all metrics are important. An effective email marketing tool like YAMM allows you to track metrics that matter efficiently, making improving your lead-nurturing campaigns easier. This way, you can send offers, blogs, and newsletters your audience looks forward to. 

Send your lead nurturing emails through Gmail with YAMM

Now you know how to create an effective lead-nurturing email campaign for your potential customers. Did you know you don’t have to work with a separate platform to start email marketing? You can create an email campaign in Gmail

YAMM allows you to send email campaigns from Gmail and track metrics from Google Sheets. It’s also very easy to personalize and schedule emails with YAMM. 

If you’re just starting a new lead nurturing email campaign, why not give YAMM a go? We’re sure you’ll love it!

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