How to Use Gmail for Email Marketing: 5 Helpful Tips

January 10, 2024
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

If you only use Gmail for personal messages, you’re not harnessing the platform’s full potential. Master the art of Gmail email marketing, and you can significantly elevate your email outreach strategy. 

In this post, we’ll give you five helpful ways on how to use Gmail for email marketing. We’ll give you practical insights and discuss how to use Gmail’s features for maximal impact. Ready? Let’s get into it!

5 ways you can use Gmail for email marketing

Upgrade to Google Workspace if you haven’t already

Upgrading to Google Workspace is a pivotal move you may not have considered yet, but it can be a game changer. There are many benefits to upgrading to a Google Workspace account. However, here are some directly relevant to email marketing:

  1. You get a professional email address that matches your domain, instilling trust and credibility in your users.
  2. You get ample cloud storage, accommodating the growing volume of marketing assets, campaigns, and analytics data.
  3. You can email more recipients in a 24-hour period, which is perfect for mass messaging. 
  4. You get access to Layouts that you can use to put together professional-level marketing emails in a hurry. 
  5. You get access to security features that safeguard your sensitive marketing data and communications.

Download a free mail merge add-on for Gmail

The next thing to do is to download YAMM. YAMM is a free mail merge add-on for Gmail. Most email marketing software programs have their own email composing platforms to write and send emails. When choosing those software programs, you must also learn their platform and interface. 

However, when you use YAMM with Gmail, you can send your marketing emails directly from Gmail. Plus, YAMM makes it super-easy to design, customize, and personalize your marketing emails with templates and markers.

That’s not all. Once you get started with YAMM, you can also view your marketing metrics in Google Sheets. YAMM excels at keeping you on the Google platforms so that you can operate from your strengths rather than get caught up in complicated platforms. 

Learn how to create a marketing email in Gmail without error

Now that you have the right platform, all that’s left to do is to have a streamlined workflow. You need to develop a system for creating beautiful marketing emails as reasonably fast as possible. You have everything you need, so here are your steps:

  1. Design a beautiful and professional-level marketing email, like a newsletter, with Layouts and YAMM.
  2. Use YAMM’s custom fields and markers to personalize your email and save it as a template.
  3. All that’s left to do is carry out a mail merge using Google Sheets and Gmail. That’s how simple it is. 

That’s your three-step process. Along with this, you must also ensure that your marketing emails are expertly crafted and absolutely error-free. Here are a few things that’ll help:

  • Turn on Gmail’s Smart Compose. It’ll save you time, and you’ll also be able to phrase your emails better.
  • Use Grammarly to proofread email content and check for inconsistencies.
  • Invest time in learning how to write a good marketing email.

Set up email templates for campaigns and common questions

Next, you can streamline your email marketing processes by creating customized templates for campaigns and common queries. This saves you time and also ensures consistency in your messaging. Creating and saving templates is even more helpful when running multiple campaigns. 

By creating a template system, you not only reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks but also guarantee a cohesive and professional approach to marketing. Gmail is full of helpful features that help you streamline workflow and save time. Explore Gmail’s tricks and utilize all of them to your advantage.

Schedule emails for sending at the perfect time

If you’ve set up systems for creating marketing emails fast, all that’s left is to sort out how and when you’ll send them. You can’t hit send the moment you finish creating. Scheduling the email to drop at the best time for your audience is essential if you want engagement and click-throughs.

While YAMM allows you to schedule emails, sending delayed emails is also an inherent feature of Gmail. However, scheduling is no good without seeing how it works with metrics. This is why Gmail and YAMM are the perfect combination. 

After scheduling, YAMM lets you see how the timing works by giving you easy-to-understand metrics. From there, you can tweak your timing till you’ve found your recipe for success. 

Anyone using Gmail for email marketing should have YAMM

For unparalleled Gmail email marketing efficiency, YAMM is a must-have tool. It streamlines your outreach efforts, lets you personalize bulk emails, track responses, and automate follow-ups within the familiar Gmail interface.

Gmail, especially when upgraded to Google Workspace, is full of little tricks that support efficiency. Couple that with YAMM, and you have the perfect solution for your marketing needs. 

If you love Gmail and want to start simplifying sending marketing emails, you’ll love YAMM! Check out YAMM today!

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